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These are exciting times in the world of photography! Digital photography hardware and software have advanced faster and farther than any of us might have imagined a few short years ago and have energized photographers in incredible ways. The options and quality are better than ever, making it a fantastic time to be a photographer.

Here you’ll find some samples of my photography. It’s a potpourri of things which I hope you enjoy — my small corner of the imaging world. I’d love to hear from you so click Contact on the menu, and send me a note.

The site is always changing and very much a work-in-progress. Drop by from time to time to see how things are developing, digitally speaking!

Have a great day, and may the light always be with you.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going, or so I’ve been told by the pundits of the world!

Admiral Beauregard Q. Pernstickle, XVII

A bit about my photography

I have been dabbling in photography for quite a while, from 35mm film through digital cameras and computers. While I photograph just about anything, my main area of interest is abstract photography.

Now, you may ask, “What the heck is abstract photography?” I have a rather liberal working definition for what make an abstract photograph. I like to say, “ If it’s not about what it’s of, it’s abstract.” In other words, if the subject is the elements of graphic design – line, shape, form, pattern, texture and color – then the image is an abstract. The context of the scene is removed and not important to the message of the photograph.


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